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facebook campaign managements

Facebook Campagin Management

Fialkov Digital offers marketing and advertising services in Facebook for advertisers who wish to bring more clients and more sales, emphasizing internet sales, apps installation, leads and branding. Using Facebook you can target specific, focused audiences, using demographics, relevant areas of interest, and advanced tools.

Google campaign management

We offer Google campaign management services in complete transparency to the client, designed to create results.

Content Channel Management

Content channels in the social media create additional value for companies and brands and dialogue with the business’ potential clients.

Workshop for Advanced Advertising in Facebook

One of the required tools for a social media manager today is to know how to advertise in Facebook. In this workshop you will learn how to use advanced tools to advertise in Facebook, and how to optimize your campaigns. The workshop includes hands-on practice in a computer lab.

Workshop for Advanced Advertising in Tabula and Outbrain

A workshop for advanced advertising in Tabula and Outbrain. Given by: Or Fialkov & Etgar Spivek. For registration and further details click here. How will you choose the content type to bring you the best results? What is the best distribution channel…

Personal training

Personal training for individuals and companies about advanced advertising on Facebook and Google.