Whenever I have a question about advertising on Facebook I go to Or. Or’s and his team’s ability to provide solutions based on data and advanced tools on Facebook is one of the leading in Israel. It is also combined with sane prices and excellent service.
The workshop is great. It makes plenty of sense, brings a lot of knowledge and contributes greatly. I feel you saved plenty of money, looking forward, and that I know much better what I am doing right now
Zafrir Bashan
On 21.12.14 I attended Or’s workshop for advanced advertising on Facebook. I wanted to say thank you for a great workshop, which was to the point, when I registered, I expected to learn new things and expand my knowledge, and I have to mention that the workshop was better than I expected. Plenty of inspiration and ideas for new campaigns, which enabled me to get straight to work 🙂 I thank you again and I am looking forward to other workshops! Even if you advertise and learn on your own, like I used to do, from all sorts of blogs, etc., your time and money are a worthy investment and you should come to the workshop which will straighten your mind from beginning to end.
Arthur Ifrimov
I wanted to say that I had a great time in the workshop, it was rich, filled with tips and useful, practical information. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend the workshop for my friends and acquaintances who are interested in the subject.
Hodaya Sharon
Great workshop! The value I got and the vast knowledge Or exposed to us changed many of my thinking patterns and made me realize how many mistakes I did over the years, when I was wasting money on ineffective campaigns.
Asher Ben David
In June, I participated in Or’s Facebook advertising workshop. I arrived to the workshop after using Facebook advertising system, I achieved good results but I couldn’t keep improving the abilities of the campaigns I uploaded. The variety of tips Or shared with us, from his vast experience - definitely helped to cut corners, understand how to work with the Facebook advertising system - which is so rich with options and data. If you advertise on Facebook, I really recommend this workshop for you, as it will help you understand Facebook’s advertising system better and teach you the variety of tools to reach more relevant audiences for your business. This is the place to thank Or, as he continues to help, even after the workshop, answering many questions. Shira Avidan
Shira Avidan
Or, thank you for a rich, practical workshop. I came with vast knowledge in digital marketing in general, but without knowledge in Facebook advertising. In the workshop we learned everything about Facebook advertising, starting from the required design, through choosing audiences, measuring the campaigns and drawing conclusions, and ending with more complex campaigns and segmentations. Or delivers the workshop professionally, with plenty of patience and humility, and shares his knowledge without hesitation. Thank you, Or, for your help in adding a new digital marketing pipe for my business 🙂 Limor
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