This Month’s Updates on Digital Marketing – November 2018

Each month we will update you on the most interesting and hottest stuff on Digital

Meet Facebook new video measurement method, ThruPlay – Google has TrueView (you pay only over 30 seconds of watching), Outbrain recently launched Focus (a video product in which users pay only for clicks of viewers who are interested in watching your video), and Facebook now launches ThruPlay – only pay for complete views or if the user completed 15 seconds of viewing the video. Facebook also understood that showing 3 seconds as a view is irrelevant in the world of video. Today you should talk about complete views. If you only saw 3 seconds out of a 30 seconds video, you didn’t really get the message, and this view is not really relevant to you. Today, we build video audiences with a minimum of 25% of a one-minute video (15 seconds), less just doesn’t deliver.

Embedding the LinkedIn pixel and why should any business embed it? Ian Ianco wrote a very interesting article about the demographic data you can deduce from embedding a LinkedIn pixel in your website. LinkedIn allows us to get the following data about users: industry, department, role, seniority, company size, area, state and company name.

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Yehuda Adler hosted me for a podcast on digital marketing. I spoke of digital, business and how to advertise yourself online. What is recommended for small businesses? Where to orthodox people go online? And how will ads take over WhatsApp? To listen:

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On 19.11.18 I lecture in the Go Mobile conference on e-commerce in the mobile era. I am going to talk about the ways the mobile influenced e-commerce and made it an instant world of click buying and ordering.

In the lecture, I am going to talk about issues one should take into consideration when e-commercing in a mostly mobile world.

I give you 150 NIS discount for a ticket with the code FIALKOV-VIP

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How, using simple automation and a single pop up, did we bring hundreds of additional leads in a single month?

We have a client whose telephone number is buried deep in the contact us page on his website. We added a pop up window displaying a clickable button to contact in the mobile on the site header using the Poptin system – after adding the pop up, the site which receives a few thousands of surfers a month – initiated hundreds of phone calls to the company. We measure the amount of calls using the Mask-U system, which allows the business to receive an e-mail update with the list of calls and details of callers. In addition, call recording and daily and monthly reports created a new sitatution – from a website that brought less than 10 calls a month, we reached the place in which the business received hundreds of leads per month.

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Trailblazer in Facebook campaign management, until today Facebook published 4 case studies about office clients. Writing professional articles, advising and mentoring large companies in advertising in the digital media, and owner of the largest digital group in Israel “Digital Ad Professionals”.