case study:10 bis- app download campaign

Ten Bis is an online food orders and delivery website, the largest in Israel. Until now, the company worked mostly with other companies, ordering straight through the website, and now it offers a new service, using a mobile app, and opening the service to the private market. Individuals using this service enjoy a secure payment, as well as exclusive offers and discounts

Ten Bis came to us in order to promote its new app using a Facebook campaign. The case study was published in the Facebook for Business website.

:Facebook as a tool for launching a food ordering app


Fialkov Digital is an advertising agency focusing on internet sales and lead production, it specializes in using and implementing advanced tools in social networks and in Google, emphasizing advanced advertising on Facebook. Ten Bis is the largest food orders and delivery website in Israel, existing for more than 14 years, providing services for more than 3,000 companies in all sectors, running a database of more than 3,500 restaurants and food houses.


Ten Bis was assisted by Facebook in order to get users to download its app and order food deliveries through it. For the campaign, we used Facebook in order to reach a large audience. This campaign was targeted to promote and encourage downloading the Ten Bis application and drew the attention of thousands of new users, who downloaded the app.

Using a Custom Audience Tool helped draw the attention of clients who already downloaded the app and made them use it again.

“The installation campaign for Ten Bis was a great success. Using the campaign, we achieved a great volume of downloads for low prices with the right combination of creativity and reaching a focused target audience. In only one month, over 6,5000 users installed the app in a cost of only 94 cents, through the campaign.

After the users installed the app and registered, we applied to them using our app engagement campaign and encourage them to act in the app and order meals through it – this was also a great success”

:Tal Forman, campaign manager, Fialkov Digital


Using Facebook allowed us to reach a very wide target audience to launch an introduction campaign of the app and examine its target audiences. Later, it allowed us to reach a specific crowd, the campaign acted best in, bringing the best possible results. In the second campaign, the engagement campaign, the Facebook tool allowed us to apply to any individual who downloaded the app based on his location and the opening hours of the restaurants in his area, which brought about excellent purchase results, for clients who came through Facebook.

Tomer Pepper, Ten Bis CEO

:Marketing Strategy

First of all, Ten Bis needed to identify its relevant target audience and encourage them to download the app. The company collaborated with Fialkov Digital and together they launched a low-expense campaign with many outcomes. By targeting audience using ads for app publication, Ten Bis was able to reach groups known as having interest in food, restaurants, bachelors, and relatively young age groups

Another audience we targeted was people who already downloaded the app. The ads encouraged this crowd to order from the app by using a motivation, and offered a few special offers and benefits for restaurants near them.

Ten Bis’ ongoing campaign helped them build quickly a database of new engaged users every month.


Facebook cares to adapt the ad to the user and to his interests. It is possible to use Facebook tools to define specific audiences even more relevant for food orders and this way, by Facebook ads, make them download the app

.We launched a special campaign for the audience already downloaded the app, using the residential area for the order and a special benefit for restaurants in that same area

facebook ad_1facebook ad_2

:Bottom Line

:Between October 2015 and January 2016 Ten Bis achieved

15,000 new downloads

.and 70,000 interactions / actions in the app

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:About the author


.Vered Barel is the customer manager and the content writer at Fialkov digital.