Google Campaign Management

We offer Google campaign management services in complete transparency to the client, designed to create results.

What is Google Advertising?

Google advertising divides to a few segments:

Advertising the search network – your ad appears on the search results page every time the user searches for predetermined keywords.

Media advertising – your ads (text or image) appear by areas of interest / specific websites around the internet

YouTube advertising – your video ads appear by areas of interest / various clips.


Advertising the search network is based on keywords we choose that point to the client’s intent to purchase. Keywords with high conversion rates and low cost for conversion can create a high refund for your investment. Correct optimization and setting of your campaign will further improve your refund.

When choosing the keywords for your campaign, we consider our client’s objectives and the budget, and perform an in-depth analysis of your competition – in order to choose the correct keywords that bring the best results and to meet the objectives.

Each campaign contains a large number of keywords – which are generic and relevant for the campaign. We optimize the match for keyword combination, in order to get the best results.



Surfers searching for keywords see ads relevant for their search. The ads will be adapted to the target audience in order to achieve high quality traffic to your website and landing pages.

We perform tests of the various ads in order to improve them and make them more efficient, and perform changes in the keywords on a steady basis in order to bring about the best results.



Google offers us advanced focusing options in order to guarantee that your ads will appear in the right place and at the right time. Among others, we focus the ads by location, language, the device used to surf and targeting specific hours during the day.


Advantages of the Google Advertising

When conducting a search the surfers have a great intent to buy and therefore they are extremely relevant for your service / product. You can perform great optimization for campaigns and bring immediate results. All of the campaigns we manage are accompanied with a follow up and report system, which means that we know exactly how many displays, clicks, conversions, and incomes were generated. We present these reports to our clients on a monthly basis.


Certified Google Partner

Fialkov Digital is a certified google Adwords partner and a member of the Google Partners program

The Google Partner badge is given to expert companies and marketing personnel who were tested and required to show their knowledge in the Google advertising tools. The Google certification obliges meeting the highest standards in search engine marketing. Google certified parties go through periodical trainings and receive direct access to tools and updates, thus ensuring the client with consulting and campaign management the most professional up-to-date form there is.


Personal Google Certification

The employees of Fialkov Digital have an Adwords certification

The Adwords certification is given to individuals successfully passing the Google tests for advertising in the Google advertising network.