Facebook Campaign Management

Fialkov Digital offers marketing and advertising services in Facebook for advertisers who wish to bring more clients and more sales, emphasizing internet sales, apps installation, leads and branding.

Using Facebook you can target specific, focused audiences, using demographics, relevant areas of interest, and advanced tools. With more than a billion active users globally, every month, and more than 4.6 Israelis, Facebook is a strong channel to bring constant traffic to your website or Facebook page, thus exposing your brand and raising awareness to it, creating sales and referrals.


Facebook Unique Advantages

Segmenting based on: demographics, areas of interest, profession, age, gender, and marital status.

Targeting focused advertising abilities for specific people, groups of interest, and everyone who visited your website.

Controlling the budget according to hours and days.

Advanced abilities to create a target oriented advertising mix

Goal based optimization: exposure, clicks, apps installation, online referrals, etc.

Using Facebook advanced tools – the advertising is focused and our ads reach only potential and relevant clients.


Basic Segmenting Options

Sex, age, language, living area, marital status, areas of interest, profession, company name, professional expertise, education.


Advanced Segmenting Options

Apart from the basic information about your clients, you can focus your audience even further, using more specific data such as –

parents, people who upload many photos, engaged, early adopters, celebrating their birthdays in one week, small business owners, online shoppers, newly weds.


Customized Audience

Using existing mails / phones and advertising only to these users. This is the best option Facebook offers today – 100% exact audience exposed to your ad.


Using Facebook we can find the audience that looks like your original audience. Based on the information you have (mailing lists, friends on your business page etc) Facebook tracks down lookalike audience and improves the quality of the audience exposed to your contents and ads

Advanced Segmenting Options – Facebook Remarketing (WCA)

In a nutshell, the remarking process in Facebook works the following: When you visit a website or a specific page, the brand you visited can display ads that are related to your visits elsewhere. In Facebook, this means that Facebook can display ads that are relevant to your online behavior.

Consider the following example:

  1. You visit a landing page
  2. This page has a cookie that tells Facebook you were there
  3. The advertiser puts you on a list of customized audience for his ad system on Facebook
  4. Facebook displays the ad while you browse it.

For more information about Facebook campaigns

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