Want to Advertise to the Russian Audience? Talk to Yandex

One of the largest technological companies in the world, the Russian Yandex, arrives to Israel and offers Israeli advertisers a platform which exposes them to millions of clients around the world. Even if the name does not ring a bell, the name Yandex is known by any average Russian. If you are looking for a way to reach the audience in the eastern hemisphere, you should become acquainted with the company that may provide you with the entrance ticket.

One may say that Yandex is Google’s parallel in Russia and the former USSR, and unlike many developed countries, has managed to maintain its location as a market leader in spite of great competition with foreign technological giants. In the search branch, for instance, Yandex did the unbelievable and managed to maintain its place as the leading search player with about 60% market segment, which diverts Google to the second place.

But Yandex is much more than a search engine. It is one of the leading IT companies in the world, which based its status as a leader of the “Russian silicone valley” and today is active in all leading technological aspects, while focusing on AI and ML technologies, where she is considered a global pioneer.

Welcome to the global market

Yandex is a leading technological company in the global level: it is a pioneer in artificial intelligence, neuron systems and machine learning (among others, it established a first of its kind academic program in Russia and today also in Israel, for data science), a part of an exclusive and prestigious club of companies who developed autonomic cars who travel the roads today (also in Tel Aviv), it also has an e-mail platform, a media streaming platform, a navigation app, a taxi ordering app, car sharing, news aggregator, weather and many other products. These services are offered by Yandex, who already employs 12 thousand employees, in 18 countries (Russia, most of the former USSR countries from Finland to Turkey, from Israel to Romania) thus it smoothly and completely integrates in the lives of many internet users in the eastern hemisphere. The company’s status creates great potential for exposure and awareness in its platforms with exact targeting and reaching the desired audience.

So What does Yandex Offer You?

In Israel, many local companies aspire to reach potential markets in developed countries. One of the most desired markets for advertisers today is the Russian market – a market with great potential and many penetration chances.

For this reason, Yandex recruited a local team, working with local companies interested to get to know and use the glowing chances in the Russian market. In Russia and in the former USSR states, Yandex is a synonym for the internet, and it offers users much more than just a search engin. Yandex has more than 80 different and diverse services that enable it to create a unique ecosystem, that significantly eases the export process for some of the services to foreign markets.

Advertising in the Yandex platform allows the advertisers to reach thousands of partner websites in the Yandex advertising network, where the exposure potential is of more than 110 million users every month. These are not typical text and image ads, but also advanced formats such as smart banners and dynamic ads with a wide variety of creative and targeting options.

Aside these formats, Yandex also offers free services such as Yondex Metrica and Yandex Audience to help you form audiences, and make your website more professional so that its conversion rates rise.

To maintain its status as a market leader, Yandex constantly works on improving the search algorithm. An example for this is advertising using Crypta – a unique technology developed by Yandex, to help you analyze the behavior of your users and identify their characteristics, and use them at a later stage, for more exact targeting, which will be done automatically by the advertisers.

Yandex recognized the Israeli market with great potential and opened an office in Israel to provide local clients with professional guidance and answers to all their questions, more information about the comapny and the Russian market, data about your potential audience and perhaps even your company. In addition, you can receive help launching your first campaign in the Yandex platforms, and if you are new clients, you can get a special benefit.

Yandex applies to all types of companies and businesses, not only to technological companies. If you have a tourist, finance, SAAS, gaming, cosmetics or other business, you are welcome to join other Israeli companies already leading successful campaigns in the Yandex.direct advertising platform.

Even if you are interested in expanding your presence in the Russian market, Yandex will be happy to provide you with support from an experienced company with amazing control over the Russian and international market.

For more details and a benefit of 200$ for your first campaign:

Yandex Representative in Israel

Lana Golan is a direct Yandex representative in Israel. She would be happy to schedule a call or a meeting to tell you more about the platform.

You can contact her through her LinkedIn account: www.linkedin.com/in/golanlana