Sizes for Google Ads for 2020

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Sizes for Google Ads for 2020

You want to know the leading sizes of ads in the media network? How many characters are there in a search ad headline? What are the sizes for a responsive ad? And more…

 All the answers are here


Ads in the Search Network

Text ads for the search network are displayed above and below the search results in Google.

The ad is composed of three parts: headline text, display website address, and descriptive text.


There are three* headlines separated by | each of the headline can contain up to 30 characters.

The ad headline is the most prominent part for the users’ eye, and therefore it is important to include words that users will probably feed to their Google search query. (*the third headline does not always appear).


Display web address:

The display web address is composed of the final website domain and the text in the optional ‘route’ fields (there is an option for two routes, each route contains up to 15 characters). These fields are designated to help people who see your ad to better understand where they will reach after clicking it. Your route text does not have to perfectly match the phrasing of the display web address.



There are two descriptions. Each can contain up to 90 characters.


Extensions allow you to display additional data in the ads and provide people with more reasons to choose your business.

Mostly, extensions increase the click rates of the ad by a few percent.

Extensions format include contact buttons, location details, links to specific pages in your website, additional text, etc.

To make your text ads reach the highest performance possible, the Google Ads system chooses which extensions to display in response to each Google search. This is why you should use all the extensions relevant to your defined business objectives.

Extensions enable to add content to your ads, and this way make them more prominent and increase their exposure in the search results page. This means you can make more profit from the ads.

A combination of extensions does not guarantee that they will be presented in your ad at any given time.

Extensions types

Location Extensions

To encourage people to visit your business, present them in the ad with the business location. A contact button or a link to the page of the business details, for instance, business hours, images of the business and directions to reach it. For this options, you require access to Google My Business.

Callout Extensions

Using these extensions allows you to add a text to your ad, for instance “free delivery” or “24/7 client support”. You can add 2-6 main advantages (4 are recommended), each advantage up to 25 characters.

Call Extension

To encourage people to contact your business, you can add a phone number or a contact button to your ad. In addition you can add business hours.

Sitelink Extensions

These extensions send users directly to specific pages in your website,

or refer them to the same link, but significantly increase your ad size in the Google Search.

Sitelink extensions are composed of a headline + description in 2 rows.

Headline – up to 25 characters

Description 1 – up to 35 characters

Description 2 – up to 35 characters

Apps additives

Media Network Ads

GDN Image Ads

Encourage the users to show involvement with the ad

Static image ads should be in JPG, GIF or PNG format, with file size of 150KB or less

If you prepare an animated GDN – the file type should be GIF and the file size should be 150KB or less.

(animation length and speed: animation length will not exceed 30 seconds, you can operate a sequence of animations but they should all stop after 30 seconds.

GIF animated ads should operate at a rhythm of less than 5 FPS. The system does not support GIF ads with HD animation).

Recommended Ads Sizes:

Responsive Ad

All you have to do is feed text to the ad and add your image and logo.

Then, the Google system will optimize the ads to improve performance.

Tip: it is recommended to upload a few images and allow the system to optimize.



Landscape images: 1200×628. Maximum size 5MB. Proportion: 1.91:1

Square images: 1200×1200. Maximum size 5MB. Proportion: 1:1

Logo: 1200×1200. Maximum size 5MB. Proportion: 1:1

Landscape logo: 1200×300. Maximum size 5MB. Proportion: 4:1

* Avoid text on the image. The text should cover up to 20% of the image at the most.




Short headline: (at least one, at most 5, up to 25 characters long)

The short headline is the first line of the ad, and it appears when the available are for ads is small and the long headline cannot be displayed.

Short headlines can appear with or without your description.


Long headline: (up to 90 characters)


Description (at least one, at most 5)

The description adds to the headline and encourages people to perform actions.

 A description can include up to 90 characters and it can be presented after the headline (either the short or the long one).


Business Name: (up to 25 characters)

Website address: users will go there when clicking on the ad.


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