Ofakim – Building A Success Story

Ofakim - Building A Success Story

Ofakim Municipality, Initiative of Noah and the Mirage Foundation

The Ofakim municipality referred to us through the Mirage Foundation in order to promote the new neighborhood –

the Noah Orchard Neighborhood.

In this post, we survey the campaign made by us in a variety of platforms, as well as conclusions from this campaign.

The Facebook portion of the campaign was published as a case study in the Facebook for Business website.

Campaign Objectives

✓ Exposure to the new housing project in the city – a cottage for an attractive price in a developing town.

✓ Bringing people from the center of Israel to live in the south.

✓ Bringing housing improvers from Beer Sheva and the surrounding cities

✓ Bringing families to an open day in Ofakim.

The Target Audience

  • Residents of the center of Israel – the Dan Metropolitan area 
  • Housing improvers from Beer Sheva
  • People with high social awareness
  • Young families
  • Entrepreneurs 

The Solution:

Short activity duration –
only three weeks

An unattractive town for the majority of the target audience

No materials from the client (no neighborhood images, etc)

Campaign Creative

✓ High costs of living in the center of Israel (especially in Tel Aviv)

✓ Achievable housing in the south – a cottage for a low price

✓ Traffic inside the Dan metropolitan area vs. comfortable public transportation

✓ A city with green areas and parks

✓ An innovating city with good investment options

✓ Moving towards a green, healthier and better future

Marketing Channels

Landing Pages

(Click the image to enlarge)

Within the landing pages we conducted A/B for details – with/without the city:

*** An increase in the costs of 50% per lead once we added the city field


Campaign Types:

  1. Conversion campaign for landing pages (click the image to enlarge)

2. Lead campaign (click the image to enlarge)

Within the lead campaign we performed A/B test – with/without a preliminary page:

*** An increase in the costs of 40% per lead with a preliminary page, but the leads were more qualitative

3. Video watches campaign

Using this campaign we “tagged” audiences and brought sales

4. Using animated ads

Using animated ads brought an increases of 30% in the CTR

5. Story promotions

** To read the story, click the image


Campaign Types:

1. Search Campaign

2. Google Display Network

3. YouTube Campaign


Content Promotion Campaign

** To read the story, click the image

Results (within 3 weeks of activity)


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