How to Build a Digital Advertising Strategy?

On 29.5.19 I held a lecture in the Canetta Bar in Tel Aviv about Building a Digital advertising strategy.
Most businesses marketing online do it without a clear and structured strategy and that is why they are mostly dissatisfied with the outcomes.
In my lecture, I surveyed the leading advertising platforms and additionally, I talked about how to measure yourself in the digital areas, how to build a strategic plan, and why using it is essential and improves your results? 

Digital Advertising Strategy - Introduction

  •   As of 2018, 50% of the companies do not construct global digital marketing strategy.
  •   In Israel, 80% of the companies do not construct a digital marketing strategy.

Survey: Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing


  • Mostly expensive
  • Almost entirely unmeasurable
  • Little segmentation abilities
  • No interaction with the audience


  • Subconscious
  • Wide distribution
  • Repetitions


Digital Marketing


  • Many channels
  • Difficulty to measure relations
  • Many updates
  • Difficulty to stand out


  • Can be very precise
  • Low entrance threshold (cheap)
  • Everybody’s there (eyes)
  • Abilities to return to the client at any stage
  • Ease of measurement

Digital Tools


Content promotion (Outbrain and Tabula)




Network Influencers

First stage: Research and Market Acquaintance

Market Research

(Technology, industry, demographic data etc)

Second Stage: Setting Objectives

How to Define a Digital Marketing Objective?

The digital marketing strategy is defined in accordance with the company’s objectives and goals.

Examples for objectives:

  1. Increasing the exposure of product / service
  2. Increasing sales of the product in digital channels
  3. Defining the profit from the sales – influences the price
  4. Becoming a leading provider in a certain category
  5. Branding
  6. Positioning the company
  7. Creating a USP (added value for the product)

Defining Objectives

The objectives are divided to 2:

  • Measurable
  • Immeasurable

The objectives are derived from 2 main parameters:

  • General company objectives
  • Data from the previous year – influence the future objective plan

Defining objectives in the digital world

  • The tools used for digital marketing allow an accurate measurement of the marketing campaigns
  • You should define quantitative and measurable objectives

At the end of each time (recommended at the end of each month), check whether we met the objectives. We didn’t? Why? Everything is measured and so are we!!!

  • Defining the objectives is based on the data and sales of the previous year.
  • It is important to set realistic objectives: an addition of 10-15% to the previous year and to mirror the company’s sale abilities

Recommendations for measurable objectives

Online referrals – 50 per month

Phones – 20 per month

Closing transactions – 15 transactions from all referrals

Recommendations for immeasurable objectives

Branding – rebranding, renovation of logo

Company positioning – “I want everyone to know my business” (the company’s value in view of the customers)

Differentiation – added value of the product (quality, price, design)

** Remember, professional campaigns and marketing moves are unable to double the sales overnight, place realistic objectives you can explain

Third stage: building a digital strategy

How to achieve the objectives and goals we set? Build a digital strategy

Our advertising strategy should bring us to meet our sales objectives

brandingnewsletterlanding pagesvideoblogorganic postswebsiteSEOPPC
Building an annual plan
Defining a budget

Activity Funnel

First stage – collecting audience – raising awareness:

Promoting stories on Outbrain / Start Israel

Promoting videos on Facebook and Instagram

Promotion on Google – search and GDN

Second Stage – Audience sharpening – more direct approach

Leads ads on Facebook

Promotion on Outbrain / LinkedIn

Promotion on YouTube GDN for lists

Promotion on Google – remarketing for search

Third Stage – remarketing – on all platforms

Approaching the audience painted so far in the campaign

Approaching by lists

Approaching all visitors on the landing pages

Fourth Stage – reminder for registration – Facebook / Instagram

Referral to all visitors in the relevant lists

Gant – campaigns / posts

  • In order to track your activity, the campaigns and post management consistently and professionally, to finish the chores and start new ones, it is recommended to work with a monthly gang.
  • A gant graph grants a clear graphic display which makes the schedules easy to meet.
  • What appears in the rant – campaigns, social network posts, ads, blog publishing, video ads, lotteries etc.
  • A monthly gant allows control over the monthly activities planned for that month.

Example of a content gant

Brief: Miltin Group – Importer of food products for dogs and cats

Premium brands of food, toys, accessories, interested in entering a new food brand in the market

Quarterly plan - content gant:

Special activities - ad plan for digital:

Dividing the budget of digital marketing

Gant - digital budget and annual plan

Creating a check list

Integrating traditional and digital marketing

Movement to stores
Referring users to a landing page to search for the nearest store

Campaign during a convention
Applying to people during a convention with ads of the brand (downloading the app / video / website entrance)

Brand Offline Activities
Referral to an adoption day


Special Activities
Quarterly plan – special activities

Building a budget
Quarterly plan – building a budget

Budget Vs. Performance
Quarterly plan – budget vs. performance

About Me

Or Fialkov, 35, married to Inbal and father to Itamar and Aviv. CEO and owner of Fialkov Digital – a company specializing in Internet advertising in many diversified channels.

Trailblazer in Facebook campaign management, until today Facebook published 4 case studies about office clients. Writing professional articles, advising and mentoring large companies in advertising in the digital media, and owner of the largest digital group in Israel “Digital Ad Professionals”.