El Al – Creating a Success Story

El Al - Creating a Story

Achieving Conversions using Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Displaying ads to a prospective audience (remarketing) on Facebook under a conversion campaign of the Israeli airline achieved 5 times the flight search, when compared to previous campaigns.

The part in which Facebook was involved was published as a case study in the Facebook for Business website.

Business Story

El Al was established in 1948 as the Israeli national airline. Today, it serves more than 50 destinations in Israel and around the world.

The Objective:

Presenting attractive prices for destinations, according to the user’s interest

El Al wanted to promote special prices and new flight routes, and at the same time, increase the amount of flight searches in its website.

The Solution:

Personalizing your travel

El Al requested Fialkov Digital to design a campaign to increase the flight search amount.

Fialkov Digital used a “website conversion” campaign, combined with flight remarking ads on Facebook (previously known as dynamic travel ads), and this way, El Al could present ads in a high relevance level, capable of motivating people to action.

Using a personalized audience, based on the people browsing flights in the last 21 days but did not complete the order yet, the campaign presented ads that included the exact routes the individual watching the ad searched for in the past.

The ads were presented on Facebook and Instagram and linked to the live auction website, bid2fly. This way, people who were interested in specific routes were able to submit a bid and get even more attractive prices for their flights.

Since dynamic remarking ads use the airline product catalogue and a Facebook pixel to automatically create ads that match people and the products most relevant to them El Al could engage in significant interaction with a large number of people – while maintaining low costs.

The Successs:

Perfect landing

El Al’s flight ads campaign was active from March to July 2017 and provided an impressive amount of clicks thanks to the personalized ad contents.

5 times more flight searches, compared to previous campaigns

25% higher click rate, compared to previous campaigns

A decrease of 50% in the cost for flight search

The Products Used:

Facebook pixel:

 measure activity

 and conversions

 in your ads

Personalized audiences:

reach your clients and

contacts in Facebook


Promote your business

to an involved audience

Examples of Ads:

(click to enlarge the ad)

“The flight ads with the auction website allowed us to provide our clients with a distinguished offer. We could easily reach clients who abandoned their shopping cart and display special offers to them, to motivate their progress towards an order”

Uri Goren

Digital Marketing Manager, El Al

“We were pleased to find the positive client journey that the campaign allowed us to create. After searching for a flight, when people returned to Facebook they saw a personalized ad which presented the exact route they were searching for, with a call for action. The click rates of the campaign was amazing – by automatically generating personalized ads on Facebook, we decreased the costs significantly”

Or Fialkov

CEO, Fialkov Digital

“In a personalized digital age, in which data, involvement and product meet – improving the conversion ratio depends on the advertiser’s ability to offer a product that grants it with the personal and customized values at once”

Yael Monrov

Digital Marketing Manager, El Al

“El Al’s auction arena allowed us to make a customized offer to the client. Using Facebook’s dynamic marketing ability, we could reach the clients at the right time for them and improve the conversion ratio”

Li Potok

E-Commerce Manager, El Al

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