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In the Update Upgrade 2019 conference, Yana Langer from Shuttlerock gave a lecture about the new and leading types of creative in the digital world today. How to make the most of your ads and create excellent videos.

A Bit of Data on Video in the Digital World

  • 159 million people view videos
  • 44% of the budget goes to video
  • 54% of the viewers view their videos with sound on
  • A growth of 6% in ad memorability
  • 24% view the entire video

How To Create High-Quality Creative

Any business must generate creative that attracts the most attention, the competition on consumers’ attention is large. Here are some data about creative:

  • 50-80% of the investment refund for campaigns comes from creative, and only 5-35% comes from segmentation
  • There are more advertising platforms, more ads sizes and these keep adding up
  • It takes much more creative, and we have less time, resources and budget to initiate a daily based creative and complex and expensive productions.

Important Points for Short Movies for the Digital World:

  • Tell your story in a video up to 15 seconds, not more.
  • Simplify the story and the message, make it simple and comprehensible
  • Deliver the message first
  • Show the product along the entire video
  • Do not use plenty of text in your video
  • Use short and attractive headlines
  • Use still images and videos
  • Use motivating catch phrases
  • Prepare videos of various sizes for any location suggested by the platforms.


In the example we show videos we produced from 2 images received from the client at the beginning of the process:

The videos implement all the insights we discussed above, and they are adapted to the locations we designated them for. Note the changes in size and how we managed to maintain the message in the various sizes:

In the following example, we have received 2 images from the client:

And our Emphases Are:

  • Main message comes first
  • Show the product for the majority of the video
  • The ad is adapted for mobile first

How to Apply to the Global Market - Best Practice

Many brands enter various markets and they understand that there is great importance in matching the creative to the country and to our target audience. When we apply to the global market, we would like to emphasize the consideration in the local market, and we must pay attention to the following:

  • Holidays and traditions
  • Sizes (if we are talking about clothes)
  • Images of locations
  • Appropriate mailing details

Localization of a Product

Matching the ads and videos to the target audience and the local style. We would like to make our target audience feel related to the product we market and not to create a distancing and a mismatch sensation.

We attached two examples, each matching the local market where we ran the ad. For each ad we checked the local market “standard” and acted accordingly.

In the left-hand example: an Australian video, as we recognized Australia features a more formal dress code.

In the right-hand example: a French video, where we saw a more casual dress code.

Language Localization

Matching the ads and videos to the local market and language.

In the first example we see the ads we generated for any location, from right to left: English, Spanish, Italian and German.

In the next example we used a different background image to initiate a localization for the specific location, even though it is the same state:

The videos were made based on the following images:

Examples and Case Study:

First Example:

The images we received:

The ads we created:


  • The price for app install in comparison with regular ads dropped by 50%
  • Sales increase of 29% in comparison with regular ads
  • A 75% increase in app installations.

Second Example

The images we received:

The ads we created:


  • Conversion rate grew by 2.2.
  • The investment refund was doubled by 5.
  • The price per purchase decreased by 77%.


Creative can make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent campaign. When making a creative, try to simplify matters – get to the point as quickly, lightly and clearly as possible. Adapt to the mobile! And not just by the size of the video, actually change the video to make it work in the platform it is designated for. Once companies could satisfy for 5 ads in a quarter, and today, things are different, and one should generate a lot of creative Each second / pixel on the screen – should be meaningful, catch the eye, raise curiosity, in order to stay on the users’ minds.

About Me

Yana Langer, East European and Israeli market specialist in Shuttlerock. Has vast experience in social media campaign management in companies such as Facebook, Marin Software, SocialMoov, etc.

Shuttlerock makes images and videos into video ads to match any advertising channel, 6-12 seconds long.