Case Study: IDC Herzliya – Instagram advertising

Case Study: IDC Herzliya - Instagram advertising

When IDC Herzliya, one of Israel’s leading educational institutions, wanted to reach a young and engaged audience, it
worked with Instagram on a series of inspirational and informative link ads.


Learn, study, grow

Founded in 1994, IDC (Interdisciplinary Center) Herzliya is one of Israel’s most forward thinking and successful international educational institutions, and in 2014 it was ranked as the most successful academic start-up institution in Israel.


Fresh learning, new students

IDC Herzliya wanted to raise awareness of the institute’s position as Israel’s leading educational establishment. More specifically,
IDC wanted to promote its various Undergraduate Programs.


Inspiration for a new direction

IDC Herzliya worked with Fialkov Digital agency and Instagram to create a series of rich, inspiring link ads that would appeal to Instagram’s young and aspirational audience. 

IDC Herzliya used Facebook targeting to reach out to a young, engaged audience. The creative used are actual pictures of the institute and showcase the social life and diversity that prospective students can expect to find, including an American college style graduation and a large number of foreign students.

The approach worked, with the ads seeing a high amount of engagement amongst the target audience, with a strong 6.48% click through rate. IDC Herzliya plans to further explore advertising on Instagram by employing the use of carousel ads, along with image and link ads.

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