Advanced Advertising Tools You Must Know in 2020

In the Update Upgrade 2019 conference, I gave a lecture about advanced digital advertising tools you must know in 2020. Which tools should you use and what is relevant to each business. I told about the advanced advertising tools of Google and Facebook and also which advertising companies published tools that could bring more traffic and more advanced segmentation and improve our campaigns in 2020. Say hello to 2020 and to its innovations.

Advanced Advertising Tools You Must Know in 2020


Gallery Search Ads:

Google inserted ads with a carousel of images. There will be up to 6 images that appear beneath a headline and switch places. A beta version of the tool is already available to some of the advertisers.


Lead Ads in a Search Network:

An extension of the search network ads. Once clicked, the extension opens a pop up window with your details in a form, and with a single click it sends the details to the advertiser. You can link this tool to CRM systems using Zaphire or other automation tools.

Movie Trailer Ads When Searching

Looking for a new movie? Trailer ads will appear before the search result showing trailers for recommended movies. This way, when someone looks for a certain movie, it is possible to display your movie in the search results and expose the user to the trailer.

Product Ads in Google Images, Google Feed and YouTube

Shopping ads will begin showing in other places such as image search, YouTube etc. You can see examples of websites abroad that advertise their products for the Israeli audience in YouTube Israel / Google Images. This tool allows us to get more exposure and results to the shopping tool and increases its effectiveness.

YouTube TV Ads

Google ads Masthead ads to users watching the YouTube app on TV. Once you enter the YouTube app on your TV you will see an ad taking the entire opening screen that day – the location is a premium location and it can be bought by a representative in Israel.

Lead Ads on YouTube

A lead form just like the one on Facebook and LinkedIn. You see an ad on YouTube and clicking it opens a pop up window with your details in a form, and with a single click it sends the details to the advertiser. You can link this tool to CRM systems using Zaphire or other automation tools. This is an excellent way to make YouTube into a tool to bring leads and not just views.

Facebook & Instagram

Video Ads Surveys on Facebook

Facebook launches surveys on video ads to encourage the user to click the ads and participate in answering questions on the video. This tool brings a greater involvement in the ads and thus create more results for less money, and it is a must for anyone who uses video ads on Facebook in 2020.

Augmented Reality Ads on Facebook

Ads that allow you to see what the product looks like using augmented reality imaging. This way, it is possible to show the client what will the lipstick color look on her face.

Game Ads with the Option to Try the Game

This tool allows us to display the user what the game looks like and enables him to play a demo version before installing the game. The objective is to make the user understand what he is downloading and what the game looks like, thus creating a lower leaving rate of players and increasing the number of installations.

Buying Ads in Facebook

Dynamic remarking ads for which the purchase is done within the Facebook app. It is evident that similar products are displayed, there are ratings and it is possible to pay directly in Facebook without returning to the website.

Special Cinema Ads

Facebook launches special ads for cinemas with movie dates, choosing seats and direct payment options.

Chat Ads with Automatic Details Completion

The ads refer to a chat that completes the details automatically like in lead ads – it is possible to send the details directly to the client CRM

Instagram Shopping Ads

Ads in which the products are tagged and clicking the product transfers you to its page on the website – currently unavailable in Israel.

Ads on the Explore Tab on Instagram

Instagram places ads in the Explore tab in order to provide more exposure on Instagram. The exposure amount in this tool is limited.


LinkedIn has made a significant breakthrough since it was bought by Microsoft and added exact segmentation abilities directed to the professional audience enabling to reach a specific high quality audience

LinkedIn added a tool of lead ads just like in Facebook. Clicking the ad opens a lead form with all your details filled in.

LinkedIn also upgraded its advanced segmentation abilities and it allows remarketing for users on the site and also uploading lists of e-mails and/or phone numbers and also to create lookalike audiences for your uploaded audiences.


Other Advertising Networks

Tik Tok

The Tik Tok network offers ads that refer to a website or promote an app.
One option is a feed ad that is displayed during the app scrol. Other options are the TakeOver ad which appears for any user opening the app. This ad is limited to a single brand per day.

Currently the Tik Tok advertising is unavailable in Israel


On Spotify you can promote sound ads only, ads up to 30 seconds with targeting options according to areas of interest. This is an excellent tool to promote concerts, songs or artists.


It is true that Bing is not the first search engine you would think of advertising in abroad, but it has low penetration rates in Europe and in the USA, and it is an excellent way to bring cheaper leads than Google.



Quora is a website and app for Q&A and this year it was translated into Hebrew and its usage in Israel will rise significantly. This tool features remarking options, a lead form and other advanced tools. The ads display on the surfer feed and it is highly recommended to be familiar with this tool in 2020.

Summary - What To Do in 2020?

Here are some of my tips for 2020, for do’s and don’ts in digital advertising:

  • Don’t invest all your money in Facebook and Google, find new platforms that will provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Understand your customer life time value (LTV)
  • Invest in improving landing pages and conversion rates
  • Invest in creative (video / GIF / high quality images)
  • Create contents that sell
  • Build an annual strategy
  • Focus on measurable results rather than feelings
  • Invest in campaign automation

Have a great year!

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